An new installer, Extremely user-friendly, customisable, and powerful
Create a new Setup is so simple
  • Create project with selected type
  • Change default pages(Dialog)
  • Add support languages
  • Add Files/Destination folders
  • Add shortcuts/File Associate/Services
The last, Click "Create Setup.exe" icon on toolbar.

Intuitive interface
In addition to change pages(Dialogs) and language settings, you can also set the default background, multi-language modifications, installation conditions and uninstaller configuration.

Installation Type and Files
Here can add files, settings file's target directory, and the target OS.
Also can add, modify the type of installation(Component).

Shortcuts and File Associations
Setting for target OS's Shortcuts, File Associate, Services.
Setup can create shortcuts on taskbar(from windows 7) or tile on start screen(from windows 8)

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